Fukushima was a lovely place,
and would be once more, when power plants restore
and atomic radiation erase.

Now New York is the place to be
if you are gay in bed with someone you would wed
and want to live together happily.

Miami is known for water and "ice",
ut tourist beware, before you go there,
beneath the glitter, you will find vice!

Seattle has something for everyone
clean water, tall trees, grand mountains, blue seas
but don't go there in search of sun.

St. Louis water when drunk
is polluted so bad you'd swear that it had
been filtered through a sickly skunk

Las Vegas air is hot and dry
a nap by the pool we take to be cool
but seeking tans, instead you fry.

Memphis is still a river town,
which done in a King, but Presley songs ring
butnever put this city down.