Now Iowans meet Thad McCotter
though loaded with greed does business need

another tamed T-Party plotter?

Michelle could be your president,
besides being pretty she vows zero pity,
her fitness then quite evident.

You folks out of work can relax
there's not need to fret, some help, you will get,
after Boehner cuts the rich man's tax!

To keep a my low carbon profile,
cremation's not good, so place me like wood
in a chipper for a mulching pile.

Romney seems quite affable
but that is before he must become more
T-party camp, acceptable.

Of all the lies told since Augustus
the unspeakable worst are those we rehearsed
and told to our children who trust us.

Pawlenty is defined as bland,
too lacking in guts for the T-party nuts
who would prefer Ryan or Rand.

Wisconsin voters voted today give us hope
we won't slide down that slippery slope,
where the Kochs took control
in their dictator role

e to those enslaved by T-party dope