"When all is said and done, your race through life, you've run, count not the many prizes won, the web of gold that you have spun, is family....GB

WARNING...Much of the news here is dated. My family could update much better than I!

   Our son John's beautiful family lives in West Simsbury Connecticut.  Clockwise, they are John, Abby,  Brandon, Boomer, who is "royal dog", Brock and Brittany. Brandon graduated summa cum laude,from Westminster Academy and attended Tufts university, graduating with honors in Chemical Engineering He is now employed at Dow Chemical in Midland MI. (Check him out on Facebook)qualify

 Brock graduated Cum Laude this month from Westminster Academy. Brock won eleven varsity letters in football, Lacrosse and hockey. He is now attending Colby University in Maine, where his athletic abilities will be greatly appreciated. Brock is currently at London College, studying Economics and partying through Europe, for the 2008 Semester.
  Brittany is a straight "A" student  and Senior at Simsbury High School, and has retired from a sports to concentrate on advanced classes. She will be attending Tufts University in Boston. 
   Grandma and I are very proud of all CT bosackers, who all outperform their close ancestry. (Gram and I) Abby, after First team, football, Lacrosse, and hockey. These super scholars and atheletes make their family proud!  
   Abby is the family's computer expert, with CT's insurance industry. John will follow his children's love of education, to work toward his BA master's at Hartford University while still managing sales for Wasau Paper. 
   Grandpa Gerald thinks Boomer is also smart because of his intellectual gaze and his deferrential treatment. Just look in his eyes! Boomer inspires much of the dog poetry written by his Grandfather, Gerald.  These pictures are three years old and awaiting updates.
    All of my grandchildren patronize facebook, and are quite visible.  Boomer expects me to get him situated there, too.








Proud Grandma Jacky Bosacker, still youthful after fifty-five years of marriage, and is ever empathetic and considerate of others, despite her severe hearing handicap. 
   Her wit and cheery disposition inspires the whole family! Jacky enjoys performing her husband's poetry, and is especially animated when doing a gig at readings of her husband's poetry.
     It is easy here to schedule a poetic reading or promotion , just check EVENT


    Our daughter Jill, along with her husband Joe Courtney, live in Whitefish Montana where they raise their son JJ and daughter Janessa. The guard dog is Rascal. Joe is a railroad engineer and Jill, a sports and portrait photographer, displaying her work on her web site, photostockplus  Jill keeps her shutter clicking recording the prize fish and hunting trophies of Joe, and the sports activies of Janessa and JJ. Janessa loves to play hockey,soccer and volleyball while Jacob excels in football, hockey, soccer, plus officiating. Chauffeuring and scheduling this family is an arduous task.

  Janessa is straight A student of the eighth grade at Whitefish Middle School and plays on the U-19 Montana Wildcats girls hockey team, and is a high scoring forward, after playing six  years on GHA boys teams. Last year Janessa was the only girl on the PeeWee Hockey team that played in a tough Canadian league.
   She also plays on Glacier United Montana Select Soccer team. Despite all her practice and traveling, she participates on Year Book staff, UMYF youth group,
volley ball, chorus and track.

   Jacob Joseph Courtney is a Senior at Whitefish Montana High School, and an avid sportsman playing hockey for Team Montana, Whitefish High School Avalanche team, and track. Jacob is a leader in UMYF youth group, sings tenor in school choir and Men's A Cappella Group. 
    JJ graduates in June, 2009 and waits for colleges to discover his brilliance or his hockey skills. Offers eagerly tendered....