Saturday 21, 2012
An excerpt from my latest book, just now, in final editing...

A houseplant is the perfect pet,
they don't make noise and never poop.
Just give them sun and keep them wet,
since they won't beg, instead they droop.
If they should die if you forget,
just dump their bodies in your soup.

If you seek a pet that requires the least care, that can be left alone for days without soiling your floors, or scratching your furniture, the best choice could be a houseplant. They are so thankful when you talk to them kindly, appreciatively growing lush and green, say botanists who test these things.

You can take a houseplant for a walk, and you don't need a tangling, troublesome leash. They will not fight with our people's pets and you don't have to toilet train them or clean up their mess.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Joran Vander Sloot strikes again in Peru...Are you surprised?

There's a killer someone should shoot,
I mean that Dutch boy, Van der Sloot.
He killed Natalee the world knows,
but where she is, he won't disclose.
Joran admits he watched her die
and only he can tell us why.
Holloway's folks can only mourn
and curse the day Joran was born.
Because he killed and remained free,
Joran expects impunity.
He'll kill again, this cocky chap.
More of his victims will be found
as long as this killer's still around.
We learn he did while in Peru,
and will again before he's through!

Thursday February 18, 2010  Albert Lea Evening Tribune prints I REMEMBER A YESTERDAY.

The Greene County Fine Arts Council is presenting Arthur Miller's play, THE CRUCIBLE.  Gerald Bosacker will have a small part, and will delight in participating.  Play practice starts July 27, 2009.  Presentation begins September 23, 2009 at the Collins Theatre, Paragould AR 72450.

On Thursday, July 9, 2009 Gerald Bosacker and his bride of 55 years will host a gathering of supporters for Obama's PUBLIC OPTION NOW at Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln's Jonesboro office.  Petitions will be gathered, voices of support heard, and questions addressed.  Your attendance and participation would be appreciated, but if you cannot attend, respond with your thought or opinion. If you can't come, send a friend.   

Gerald Bosacker will read from and autograph books at WORDS AFTER WORDS Book store and coffee shop, July 18, in Hardy Arkansas.  Be there to witness an egg on his face experience.  

Grandpa Wryme is available, traveling from Northeastern Arkansas to your classroom for fun learning by using rhyme and synonyms. FREE for an introductory period, you pay only travel expense. Schedule now while the fun fest is free! availability.

Out of the closet...Bosacker, the thespian!
   The cultural event of the NE Arkansas Christmas season will be premiered at the Collins Theatre in Paragould Arkansas December 12, 2008 for a run of three or more performances. The cast has been selected for an expanded CHRISTMAS CAROL and contrary to my family's expectations, I will not be Scrooge, but a minor but important and less stingy supporting character.  It will be fun to portray a much younger man, but despite my appropriate arthritic lameness, I will not be Tiny Tim either.  Any suggestions for my new stage name.  After fifty years retirement, I am resuming my stage career. 
   Come and cheer me on. For those tight as scrooge,  I will buy. Bring popcorn, as this is rice country.

Gerald Bosacker

Gerald Bosacker

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