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JILL COURTNEY, Master photographer, Montana scenics, and pretty people specialist: Sample at

This is one of my favorite literary sites, and a true inspiration and source of renewal for us who are jaded or unappreciative of out lot in life, or feel life has treated us harshly.  For your renewal and perspective adjustment, please check this site:
Season BubbleGirl was first introduced by Australia's national papers during march 2006 in feature front page article, Her Fate is Sealed. She hasn't left her home in almost ten years because of MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity). Some cases, as in BubbleGirl's case, are deadly, resulting in anaphylactic shock, where the patient's airways swell, the immune system unable to defend itself from particular chemicals. Triggers such as fragrances, cleaners, fossil fuels, propellants and gardening chemicals are so common in society that MCS sufferers are forced to stay home. Yet, despite a solitary life, BubbleGirl is a strong, witty, positive 26-year-old with a hunger to succeed.
When I am down and need a laugh or a challenge, I look to this amazing satirist and comedic writer.
Madeleine Begun Kane, the 2008 Robert Benchley Society Humor Award winner,  is a New York City-based humor columnist, recovering lawyer and musician whose columns, political song parodies and satirical poems have appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines,  websites, and anthologies. The National Society of Newspaper Columnists honored her work as a humor columnist in 1996. Her personal humor site,  has garnered awards from USA Today, Shift Magazine,  Maxim Magazine, and's Political Dot-Comedy Award for Best Parody.

Another poetic site I admire and patronize: (SENIOR SITE)

My poetry at


A very promising young writer

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