I have not had access to my site.  Apparently, the site does not accept my search engine.  I am going to search for more friendly host. 

 OCTOBER 16, 2013
Such memory loss! Most pronounced with names, but I can cheat my brain by creating hints of alliances.  Most help is Google.  I force myself to research for each name lost from my memory, and then repost in my memory. I love scrabble as brain exercise, and delight in creating poetry.  No victory, but I do slow the losses.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2013
I bought a
ught a shirt at target store, and today I was
hit by a car in WM parking lot which was the second

time in a month.  I better quit wearing my target

shirt.  Just an ambulance ride, x-ray and bruises.  

SEPTEMBER 13, 2013
On this black Friday, I muse darkly and present this...

How wide the night, how bright each star,
and between, empty ebony,
glued to that silver scimitar,
which moonlike, smiles seductively.

Behold, each distant universe
coming or going, stubbornly
refusing to fuss or rehearse
shrinking or growing, compliantly.

Unlit stars collapsing behind the moon,
sentenced by their faithless travesty,
and skeptics wrap in that cocoon;
to shrink within dark eternity.

I have discovered my declining years are enjoyed down a steeply
declining ramp, so I have little to share with readers.  I know I must have much to cheer about, but those nuggets of cheer, seem scarce and well hid.

AUGUST 3, 2013

Each hard-won day, bright dawn supplies,
I still greet with astounded eyes
well aware how, my body dies.

I take such gift, of UV rays,
abiding in my wasting days,
observing how my mind decays.

I type my thoughts from crippling brain
hoping some message will remain
like fading rainbow after rain.

JULY 29, 2013
I am increasingly disinclined to write about my decay, mentally and physically.  Still writing verse, good enough to please me but of little interest to the literary world. Spending much time playing SCRABBLE on the internet

JULY 15, 2013
A current poem constructed while listening to a Beethoven organ fugue...

I am dying, from bottom to top,
inch by inch, my life expires,
but I must fear that six foot drop,
fearing it's true, God allowed fires
in the Devil's repentance shop. 
I can't undo what I have done
in living life up to the hilt
in pursuit of romantic fun
and other forms of sinful guilt
from which my limericks are spun.

JULY 8, 2013
Time goes by so painfully fast. I dwell too much in the past that seems just yesterday, yet I have problems remembering what I  really did yesterday.

JUNE 24, 2013
Fickle fate leaves me here, while better men die. If there were ruling God, he would need to be more fair if he desired to be more than vengeful tyrant or cruel hoax.  If I were God, Job would not have suffered, while villains prospered. Undisciplined Fate could be more fair than blind luck, if the universe had purpose.

JUNE 19, 2013
I surprised myself, summing up today's doctor visit in rhyme. I still can...

Come back next year, my doctor said,
does that assure I won't be dead?
All over she checked, she must be correct,
so that's why that good news I spread.

JUNE 17, 2013
My drop in mental acuity is apparent, now.  My conversations are faltering and my speech is halting, as I grope for the appropriate word.  As my oral memory forces pauses, I often have my sentences interrupted midstream, with audience guesses as to my intent.  Conversationally, I am more at home on the keyboard where thought and recollections come more smoothly, and are never interrupted.

JUNE 13, 2013
Today is another gift of life, but the fare is frailty and pain.  Memory is still declining but I stubbornly persist in word search for what word I was seeking.  Today, it was the name of a former contact I could not recall, although I could plainly see the image of his face.  I must resist this decline of memory.

JUNE 9, 2013
Just returned from a 16 day trip to Whitefish MT to celebrate GD's Janessa Courtney's  graduation from Whitefish HS and Brittany Bosacker's graduation from Boston University, both with honors.  Saw both of our children and all of our grandchildren that do make Jacky and I so very proud.  Totally worth 4,000 miles of driving.  We did average almost 50 mph at high cruising speeds.  Progress to celebrate too! 

MAY 11,2013
I am finding that it is becoming more difficult to express my thought in witty's effort might grow better with more tinkering:

Ignorance, you see
is super learning tool
posing no infamy
for wizard or a fool,
prompting both seer or me
to simply find which rule,
tells what that answer be.

MAY 5, 2013
This little new rhyme expresses comically, the coming reality. I sure can notice shrinking memory, but I battle the loss, seeking
a hint or paralell incident, like forgetting the date so then focussing on the month...

When I ask you the date,
don't you worry, my dear,
but you're allowed to hate
when I ask you the year?

APRIL 31, 2013

The rules of time most firm apply,
each passing year is not forgot.
A furrowed brow, and clouded eye
flaws losers despite youthful plot.
Eternal youth is dream or lie,
time marks each day, done well or not.

APRIL 24, 2013


I was a model fair and svelte,

I'd not eat meat you had to kill

nor wear leather or furry pelt.

I cared for creatures in my will

but I knew not how dying felt,

or safety rules that is until,

I did not wear my safety belt!

APRIL 18, 2013
Took a tumble on rain flooded tile, from the deluge, and was shocked by the slow recovery.  Stretched muscles and distressed
joints sure recover much slower when you are eighty.  Aching body
bothers me far less than slipping intellect.  I measure that loss with
conscious regret.

APRIL 10, 2013
Not pretty as its friend the frog
but both began as pollywog
thriving in any marshy bog,
prepared to feast on bug buffet.

From eggs both hatch with fish like fin
and then grow legs, from deep within
but toads grow poison in their skin,
so toads aren't served in my café.

Both frogs and toads are hatched from eggs
and people love the frog's sweet legs
so frogs are left on wooden pegs
to clumsily dance their cares away.

APRIL 1, 2013
My check off list does help a lot
to help me know what I've forgot.
The only thing, I've somehow missed
is where I put that check off list.
If I could find my missing specs,
I'd find that list and break this hex,
but where they are, I sure know not.
Where I left them, well I forgot.

MARCH 30, 2013
A celebration of diversity with a flower exchange at the UU, and Jacky and I celebrated thstaining gift of rain. I redid my best rain poem...

A needed surprise rain
concluded the drought,
that withered spring grain
and curled corn leaves,
turning pagans more devout.
This rain dancer believes
in thanking all of the Gods,
slighting none who might decree
that nimbus cloud tightwads
dump their water for me..



MARCH 21, 2013
Shiny red apples are fun to chew.
Taste so good and are good for you.
Apple sauce is so good too,
but best of all is apple stew.
(First entry on my food, alphabet)

MARCH 7, 2013
Two new challenges have kept me from introspection.  I have a new  laptop, with Win 8 OS, which is hard to learn and tame.  Also calling for my attention is the Samsung Chromebook, I gave Jacky for a valentine, and that peculiar OS, no books.

FEBRUARY 20, 2013
Guilt has driven me through my Hade's fire and finally by myself, forgiven by forgiving others, I have found heaven, here on earth.I have lived already much more than I deserve or merit, so I don't crave everlasting life. If I don't wish heavens blissful and eternal afterlife, I equally, must not fear the fires of Hell.

FEBRUARY 12, 2013
Fifty-nine years ago, Jacky and I became engaged.  One of my wisest decisions ever.

FEBRUARY 4, 2013
As you climb the steep and rocky hill of fate,
don't be bothered by the heavy load you pull.
The burden done for others, won't register as weight but those mammoth lodestones most sorrowful are amassed by the time wasted in bias and hate.Doing something to help those who are in need piles up points in your redemption gained account.If your life has been pampered by your greed,you find you've saved a very small amount.

JANUARY 31, 2013
Morticians charge us too much cash,
their skilled artistry,
preserving our dead, as buried trash
lasting until eternity.
That's not for me I am more brash
exiting almost quietly 
in a cardboard box awaiting the flash,
of gas fed burners, hurriedly
turning my corpse to earth-friendly ash,
smoking with finality.

JANUARY 28, 2013
The most successful fiction writers are those
that primps the issue of thorns on a rose,
pushing wormy apples, as protein enhancedfruit,
labeling "descent guaranteed" on their parachute,
assuring us we won't keep floating in the sky.
When used, you will come down, they did not lie. How euphemistically, I am informed of fact,
in advertising that is immersed deep in tact. Hyperbole is the ad copy writer's norm
from soft pedaling to those that over-inform
Ads for Pharmaceuticals that I must obtain
now warn of side effects like death and pain,
and these frank admissions legally insulate
them from judgments courts might advocate.

JANUARY 22, 2013
Pondering why bows and arrows developed simultaneously in seperate parts of the world where there was no interplay or commerce.  If the Indians borrowed bows from more advanced societies, why did they not adapt to the wheel. They used the roundness of the wheel to describe by the arc of the sun, time.  They spun a potters wheel, and used perfectly round stones to transfer heat from fire to a boiling pit.  They spun arrows in a round lathe, yet, they ignored wheels.

JANUARY 21, 2013
A day spent watching the inauguration of Barack Obama and his loyal sideman, Joe Biden, while tempering celebration by mourning the great statesman, Martin Luther King.  A special day lifting Obama and Biden to their task, on King's special day.  May the double holiday auger great gains for the common man and empowering our President to lead our country to greatness. 

 JANUARY 1, 2013
Another year beginning and the clear, unsullied year, like a field freshly covered with snow awaiting the first track or deposit to sully its purity.  Congress is impatiently waiting to track dirtily across the snow.

DECEMBER 25, 2012
Merry Christmas to me and my treasured wife and our beloved descendants.  This month unique for being the only month without a "d" and the first celebrated away from either of our children.  Sad, but it allows me to concentrate on Jacky, my dog Belle and my computer. I've got a unique Christmas story brewing in my damaged brain, so I'll outline it today before I forget it. 

DECEMBER 15, 2012
I continue to battle the loss of short term memory with intellectual pursuits like limericks and verse.  The new reality that frightens me, is loss of the name of people I know very well. My innards are functioning well, but I have progressive neuropathy in my feet, and my anemia shortens my breath.  I wonder which I lost first...intellect or life.

DECEMBER 7, 2012
On reaching my December,
my confabulated memory grew
to deeds I prized remember
were but dreamt, simply never true

Memory is such a fragile thing, and in the twilight of a dream, the line between dream and remembrance is blurred. 

NOVEMBER 24, 2012
Our mess is more than men can fix
So lets not talk of politics
unless you can bring
a magical king
who'd bring together a fighting mix.

We celebrate, we are alive
and by God's kind gift's, we survive
but is it not odd
we credit a God
when by nature's gifts, we thrive!

NOVEMBER 22, 2012
Why are we allowed to grow ugly old,
as bloom of youth turns to musty mold,
while fingers and toes turn icily cold,
and bodily functions turn uncontrolled?

Why should we prolong our life's coming end
with strange medicines designed to mendmaladies age places we costly attend,
cheating our kin of the assets we spend?

Why should our age frustration show,
or disappointment when ignored although,
with invitations sparse, would we go
with peers gone, are we still apropos?

Melancholia is common in those seniors fighting the onset of senility. Poets my age, are no exception. Maybe this sadness is brought on by the realization that older citizens are an impediment to the happiness of the establishment, and a drag on the economy. In the Inuit culture, the aged are utilized as work force, chewing hides until their teeth are gone. Then the aged are retired to an ice floe for the hungry polar bears. I can keep chewing words into fashionable verse, so I am not yet life's excess as my words and thoughts might slightly, live on.

NOVEMBER 12, 2012
This aging man sure wonders why,
it takes so long for him to die,
first starting with his biggest toes
nerve deadness starts but slowly grows.
Ankles and arches soon turn numb
and further loss is sure to come.
When that numbness hits his knees
should he start sipping anti-freeze,
avoiding that coming surprise
when the rest of his body dies.

OCTOBER 30, 1930
As Mitt campaigned through out this fall
he could not tell the truth at all,
and evaded the facts,
of his evaded tax,
with blatant, unmitigated gall.

We teach our children not to lie, so we should not let them view campaign rhetoric of Mitt Romney, as he lies, even when most people know he is, but hoping to fool a few more voters.

OCTOBER 21, 2012
Still functioning on my eight-second birthday, both mentally (Surprise!) and physically (Limited).  I am blessed with a wonderful wife and companion, and cheer when I arise each day. 

OCTOBER 15, 2012
I found two forgotten limericks done  in friend Madeline Kane's limerick blog.  They seem new and funny to me, and that is one blessing with Alz. dementia:

A pompous conductor named Clyde,
in a rainstorm, ventured outside.
One short lightning flash
turned dumb Clyde to ash,
such a conductor the crowd cried.

A pompous conductor named Clyde,
claimed to be best of those who tried,
but the first violin said, "All lying is sin,
and you , sir have certainly lied."

OCTOBER 12, 2012
Mitt's yes means no, his no means yes,
what his is for, we can but guess,
so how could he fix our world politics,
indecision makes an awful mess.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2012

Nothing more stubborn or more a fool,
than the genuine Arkansas mule,
some diehards consider a farming tool,
Who is that obstinate dumb half wit
who fits the mule with bridle and bit
and hopes to steer this hybrid misfit?
Yes, they can out-pull a normal horse,
yet what they do with all that force
is intentionally veer way off course.
Making the dumb mule to forward go,
unnaturally just holler out whoa,
so what makes them stop, I do not know.
Male donkeys functioned as a mules dad,
and compliant mares turn quite sad
seeing the strange offspring they had.
Hybrids might help the corn grow so tall
but cross-breeding did not help at all
farmers cursed with mules in their horse stall!

SEPTEMBER 12, 2012
Considering the Muslim and al Queda outrage in Libya and the reaction of the evangelistic right wing, prompts this religious freedom versification:

A survivor I choose to be,
when religions mock humanity
in religious wars that kill off the scores
of dissenters shamefully.

In his wheelchair, an old man sits motionless, locked rigidly by pain but patiently awaiting death, eyes closed in reverie of past glories, mostly wished for and not remembered. He does not dream at all of tomorrow but relives choices at past junctions, speculating on where the other road would have taken him. There are no regrets for past sins, clouding his eyes, only rheum painting him grieved and penitent. Not so, for all of his past sins no longer demand pennance, as that octogenarian suffers, or maybe benefits from, first stages of memory stealing dementia.
       I resolve to never be that man.  I will fight back pain with medical treatment and drugs (minimizing their side affects) and challenging my dementia with intellectual stimulations.  I cannot fear death as I do not believe in hell, and the apologies due those I had wronged would be addressed to tombs.  Because I do not believe in Hell, I do not expect eternal life.  I will go at peace, knowing I have softened past sins with regrets and dedication to be the moral lesson by  both lauded deed and by negative example.  By my written words would I chose to be remembered.

AUGUST 30, 2012
I am sick from watching every speaker at the Republican convention, lie with words in denial of the party platform.  What they say, and what they pledge in the platform are diametrically opposed. They frighten me with their denigration of all those who are not the euphemistic labelled "Americans".
Worse is the jingoistic threat to Iran, China and Russia spoken by their candidate.  Do they want budget busting wars while stripping benefits from the middle and lower class in deficit reduction? 

My corporate chop shop, was Bain,
when voters have cause to complain,
and I was not the one, 
when evil deeds were done,
so why should I need to explain.

AUGUST 21, 2012
Daughter Jill's birthday today.  My God, she is middle aged already.  She is such a people person and I am so proud of her and what she does.  I doubt any of my contacts or acquaintances has more friends, or more empathy.  Happy Birthday Jill!  The world needs you for many more years.

AUGUST 13, 2012
My closest friend and dearest wife of 58 years turns eighty today.  I celebrate too, as she is more a gift to me, than herself.

AUGUST 3, 2012
Mitt's flaws, Republican's ignore
like tax returns to shock us more
in files locked closed
lest he be exposed
as paying less than the working poor.

AUGUST 1, 2012
Finished the tiling of the new house, 5 rooms but hiring the grouting out.  The tile was fine but I do not do grout very well.

JULY 13, 2012

When first shimmer of invading dawn, chases the shadows of mysterious but sheltering night, I awaken surprised. I am still here, stiff and sore from my efforts to remain active and relevant, which was not a certainty last night. I am tiling floors in the new house next door.

JULY 10, 2012
It does seem our economy is based on war and oppression of lesser nations. When I face my self-nominated, eternal God, I assure him that I have never been a republican, or felt superior to the different, weak or oppressed. I also apologize for being an occupier of the Indian Nation, not a welcomed guest.

JULY 8, 2012
Legislators have all agreed
to subsidize this deadly weed,
while ignoring harsh facts
to raise their share of tax,
is more smoking what we need?

JULY 5, 2012
With all the inherent misfortunes, inequities and injustices facing us, our world is a fearsome place to live BUT NO ONE has found a better place...or proven to do so. "Let it be", could be our theme song, except in striving to improve our lot, we can improve our life and of those who journey with us.

JUNE 30, 2012
The Salem witch hunters are back, and the T-party capture of congress set them in motion. They will try impeaching Obama, just before the election. Think of the disaster they would wreak were they in control of the senate and presidency. Think and vote with your brain engaged, and your racial biases turned off.

JUNE 28, 2012
Today, the increasingly conservative Supreme Court surprises everyone legalizing Obama's Affordable Care Act, allowing 32 million uninsured Americans access to insurance. To be oppossed to this act, you must be devoid of empathy and compassion, but opposition while now be centerpiece of the GOP campaign.

JUNE 23, 2012
What is truth? It ultimately is what you believe and we are constantly bombarded by untruths, favorable to the ruling 1%, to shape was we believe. They are investing billions convincing us that black is white and up is down. Will be their investment be profitable to shift tax load to the poor, while they raid the treasury?  Citizens United and the T-Party are those investments peddling untruth!  Heil Koch!

JUNE 20, 2012
I see progression of my dementia. So many things I know quite well, just won't come to mind. I should double my aricept dosage or I may drift into such stupidity come November, that I will believe Romney is planning to help the 99% that he would victimize!  

JUNE 17, 2012
Yes, Obama disappoints me, catering to big business and seeking compromise with greed-driven republicans, but there is no one better on the horizon.

JUNE 14, 2012
Why is the "do-nothing congress" exempt from blame for the slow economic recovery.  Could it be the sabotage republicans are using to blame Obama?  What would be the difference of a Romney administration from the Bush years that brought us to near ruin?

JUNE 10, 2012
I think that citizens who don't vote or vote for the "truth" they hear on Fox News, deserve what they get.  But why should they in ignorance, inflict oligarchy on the rest of us, who don't vote our biases or hates.  
JUNE 8, 2012
Advertisers believe they have a license to lie.  My wife and I have become very wary consumers, suspecting every offer and claim we are attracted to purchase.  We are not paranoid, but recognize the sad reality of today's business ethics. Republicans defunded all consumer protection legislation, and should be held accountable.

JUNE 2, 2012
Evolution proves to be more efficient than science if you consider the structural design of the egg shell or the weight efficiency of the spider web.  Steel can not compare with the comparative strength of a beetle's exoskeleton or the weight/strength ratio of a feather.  The spark of life originating from spark in boiling chemicals, was a crude beginning but look at what has evolved, apart from science or religion.

This morning when I rose to greet the dawn,
flew joyful doves, never on my grass before.
What brings you out to dance upon my lawn,
when all around vain men prepare for war,
where have those marching soldiers gone?

The rising sun surveyed the new day's world
and did not seek a cloud to hide behind.
Perhaps it saw a flag of peace unfurled
on streets where prideful hate's refined,
when our trigger fingers came uncurled.

MAY 26, 2012
Our 58th wedding anniversary is next Tuesday...

I seem old as Tyrannus Rex,
and spend my time in recollects
and remember my wedding
where we shared our bedding
but hardly remember having sex.

MAY 18, 2012
Jacky and I made our first facetime call, today with son and daughter-in-law.  What a strange world we live in!  We toured our gardened lot and the new house next door. 

MAY 11, 2012
Today, Jacky and I join the electronic world, via I-phone connection to car and ear. Good God, this is amazing! I still remember my first connection to a phone when I was in sixth grade. Our number was hand-cranked, two long and one short ring and there were five other people on the party line. Anyone on the party could eavesdrop on all. Nothing was truly private. Now, only homeland security can compromise our privacy.

 MAY 4, 2012
Newscasters falsely testify,
pushing advertiser's obvious lie
as their legal rights
in political fights
just how their ads they falsify.

APRIL 27, 2012
As a persistently aspiring writer and social commentator with only minor or moderate success,
I am accustomed to rejection, although abnormally sensistive to discordant view of my best.  So it is doubly harsh to find rejection from family, simply because of differing political values.  Almost all of my family members are heriditary Republicans with little justification they can express with logic or fact.  I am sad because my dearest love is suffering that rejection because she adoringly supports me.


APRIL 24, 2012
Jacky and I are in love with our new Prius!  Luxurious driving, and yet, benefiting the environment.  A double whammy! 

APRIL 19,2012-
Today's verse...I am trying to avoid the effort to make Americans see how fool hardy it would be to elect Bishop Romney. Thinking on that foolishness bred these thoughts on the southern mule:

Nothing more stubborn or more a fool,
than the genuine Arkansas mule,
which diehards still use as farming tool,
Who is that obstinate dumb half wit
who fits the mule with bridle and bit
and hopes to steer this hybrid misfit.
Yes, they can out-pull a normal horse,
yet what they do with headstrong force
is intentionally veer way off course.
To make a stubborn mule onward go,
you naturally just holler out whoa,
what makes them stop, I do not know.
Male donkeys need be the mules dad,
and compliant mares turn so sad
when they see the strange offspring they had.
Hybrids may help the corn grow quite tall
but cross-breeding did not help at all
farmers holding mules in their farm stall!

APRIL 14, 2012
Nothing literal rising from Littoral Lane on Goosepoop Lake.  It seems bothersome to think.  Have I lost my urge to combat the 1%, or just too lazy, intellectually.  I miss the vociferous campaigning of those conservative idols, battling Romney.  Now that paragon of flip-flop, can change change what he believes, like a chameleon walking across a checkerboard.

APRIL 6, 2012
So busy, so old, so neglectful of my Journal.  I must come back, but gardening and new house construction intrudes.   

MARCH 22, 2012
After the flood in New Orleans, I lost faith in FEMA, but assumed it was better under Obama. I now am personally confronting bureaucratese via FEMA.  Our new house is held hostage by FEMA insisting our lakeshore site is in the flood zone.  Were the waters ever to rise to that level, the whole southern embankment would be inundated, flooding most of NEArkansas delta, which is lower elevation.  SHAME ON FEMA!

MARCH 16, 2012|
Scratching my head for something new to share, and discover that I am really quite boring. 

MARCH 8,2012
HYMN TO THE SOUTH--I am a bit weary of these redneck republicans who call themselves democrats, living in their cloistered communities of like-minded morons who dare not venture into other more competitive worlds. Jobs are plentiful in this right to work state, and real estate is cheap so I should be born again and enjoy the climate.

MARCH 5, 2012
Buttoning up the paperwork for the house we are building next door. It will be a fun adventure and take our minds off politics, for a while.  Sign construction loan application tomorrow.

MARCH 1, 2012
I now have nine e-books for sale on Barnes and Noble. Jacky and I have started building a new house right next door.  Strange way to reduce your lawn care responsibility! It will be a challenge and fun.  The house is fancier than our own, but Jacky says no more moving, so we will rent it out. Man, if I'm not careful with my retirement income, I could become a republican. Never, NEVER NEVER!

FEBRUARY 15, 2012
I have been busy with politics, my writing, house tuneups,  completing upgrades and resurrection of files on my and Jacky's computer.  All is going well and my STEMM is allowing me to be ambitious and productive.

FEBRUARY 8, 2012
Computer humming, I think I have found the bulk of my files, but I can't rely on my failing memory so I will continue to dig.

FEBRUARY 3, 2012
I am now on a mammoth treasure hunt for files of my writings and books in progress, and with my impaired memory, it is hazardous.

JANUARY 29, 2012
I have my base computer back.  I have made an internet enemy who has the skills or wherewithal to invade and destroy computers, and did so to me.

JANUARY 25, 2012
Witnessing the spiral of corruption:  See the 1% who control the bulk of our nation's assets and cash, distort elections with PACs and corporate personhood, so they grow, and everyone else is in servitude.  Does it take a revolution, peaceful...or violent to reverse this plutarcracy? 

JANUARY 23, 2012
I learned the hard way, never, ever download an unfamiliar file or one from an unrecognizable sender.  I learned that trojans, like INTERNET SECURITY 2012 can sneak in and actuate sneakily, so it controls your computer.  If you see this file in any form, block it. Never open or actuate it!  Trust me...this is poison. 

JANUARY 20, 2012
Bill Clinton is laughing, secretly.  Newt walks on water, spinning lies with impunity.

Gingrich, a consummate hypocrite,
as Catholic, strays quite opposite
but those debates he wins, with alibi he spins
to hide the fact he's really unfit.

JANUARY 18, 2012
Signs of spring abound in our yard, with greening clover and first dandelions.  Will winter end soon?  Congress is back in session and their renewed presence signals more of the same, obstructionism.

JANUARY 13, 2012
Some people really love to talk,
and they just ramble on and on.
Each audience that they stalk,
soon wish that they were gone.
If they asked queries as they spoke
true conversations could begin.
When others talk or tell their joke,
these bores think, listening is sin.

JANUARY 11, 2012
My dog's teeth were just extended
where food began and finger ended
which shocked me a lot, see the nip that I got,
but I'll forgive her when fingers mended.

JANUARY 9, 2012

Why do Apes stare at and blink,
guessing we are the missing link?
Or could we assume that they thinked,
we would be first to be extinct?

The kindly Ape is a gentle vegetarian, with few enemies except
for man. They are vanishing, driven to near extinction by human
poachers exhibiting the primate trait almost exclusively human, and
that is selfish greed.

DECEMBER 23,2011
As December 25th appears,
and the spirit of giving nears,
and love of fellow man extends,
into the new as this year ends.

DECEMBER 22, 2011
Defeat Obama at any cost
is mantra Republicans were tossed
by their T-Party brain, so will that explain
how November's race will be lost?

December 20, 2011
Adjusting to the vagaries of my new neuro-stimulator and out of body charging system.  Being bionic is becoming inscreasingly cumbersome and intellectually challenging.

December 18, 2011
I have been surprised by the magnitude of surgical recovery pain. I did not realize that the body trunk is involved in almost any movement, but now I am much aware.  I hurt, wired or not. I try to forego the pain meds, but am forced to surrender.

December 16, 2011
Again, postings vanish. WTF? (First time I have used that acronym!)  As I sink into that morass of lost memory, I need not betrayal by AOL or WINDOWS.

December 12, 2011
Saw Dr Greaser, and get an operation set on the 14th.  WHEE. I can't wait to get electrified, again, with permanent installation.

December 10, 2011
This morning I found my AOL mailing list was stolen by a trojan, and  I received 400 returned, undelivered e's.  Changed password, but some of my contacts might have been infested, too.  Shame how people seize every opportunity to exploit. Met congress candidate Latanich yesterday and was impressed enough to sign on as backer.

December 8, 2011
Spent satirizing on corrupt politics...sickened.  This is my latest:
The T-Party now loves Donald Trump
who gathers rascals from the dump
to see who is the worst and get him rehearsed
to start kissing the Donald's fat rump.

December 5, 2011
Dr. Greaser got Humana's approval to complete second stage of pain reduction surgery, implanting the internal STEMM unit in my back.  CHEERS!  I can hardly wait.

December 2, 20ll
Something vicious ate my last two posts. I must play internet detective again.  How could a sweet guy like me, make enemies?

November 28, 2011
My first contact with a phishing attempt:

I'm sorry for not telling you about my trip to England, I'm writing this with tears in my eyes, I came down here for an urgent business and never knew things would be bad, I got robbed at the park of the hotel where i lodged, lost my credit cards,cell phone and all cash but luckily for me i still have my life and passports with me.
i wish i could call you but the hotel lines are faulty.

(I would love to assist an apprehension attempt, but Western Union swamped and not setup for anything more than warning of fraud schemes)

November 25, 2011
My temporary, trial STEMM was removed on the 23rd, and I miss it.  I must suffer my pain for three weeks until I get the permanent internal Medtronics unit.  I can barely wait!

November 20, 2011
Republican legislators are ALL afraid of Grover Norquist and his satchel bag full of 1% money than they are of their constituents!  THIS IS AN INEXCUSABLE DERILECTION OF ELECTORAL ETHICS and any voter voting for one these pandering dogs, deserves to live in the 18th Century, like Americans for Tax Relief are hoping to achieve, with economics.

November 19, 2011

Our Democracy has hit the skids
where policeman attack college kids
who peacefully sit
while brutally hit
with their pepper spray cyanamids!

November 18, 2011
The STEMM works!

A pleased mockingbird sings prettily
high up there in my Sycamore tree.
"Pritee, pritee," He sings merrily,
He means the day, for you can see
that I'm as drab and homely as he.
I won't complain, I conclude, with glee.
We both are blessed, and seem to agree
another day, is a sweet gift for me!

November 17, 2011
Today at noon, I submit to back surgery by Dr. Greaser in Jonesboro at NEA Baptist out patient, where they will implant at STEMM in my back to counter, and hopefully cancel the Neuropathy pains in my back and legs.  I hope he is successful.

November 15, 2011
Republicans are forced to lie,
when waywards facts, they can't deny,
so ignore what they say,
and hope that each day
brings forth truth Fox can't falsify.

November 12, 2011
Meeting at Jonesboro, Progressive Democrats in Action of NE Arkansas, establishing unity with Occupy Wall Street forces and discussing merit of Democratic candidates for AR offices.

November 10, 2011
Refreshed after nine days with wife and daughter Jacky, traveling through Western Arkansas, enjoying the Ozarks.  Such a great tour and visit watching Jill train our dog to heel, yet Belle looks for Jill every morning, despite the stern indoctrination.  

November 3, 2011
I am still madly in love with my wife, of fifty-seven years,  and post this symbol of my affection:

I would send you galoshes
so you dance in the rain,
while I'm happy to watch
through my window pane.
I would send you cookies
on those days you are mad,
and tell funny jokes,
when life makes you sad.
I would send the suns rays
to end your dark night,
and plant you a shade tree
if the sun is too bright.
I will bring you my heart
and sweet words I'll say
to tell you I love you
on one more new day.

November 1, 2011
I am afraid that I do not excel in much, but look at Perry...

In Texas we turn bad folks to toast,
and although most Texans rarely boast,
Rick Perry says the count
will continue to mount
so innocent too, may give up their ghost.

October 29, 2011
Discussion of preferred funeral arrangement at today's UU discussion period, so I dusted this off:

To keep a my low carbon profile,
cremation's not good, so place me like wood
in a chipper for a mulching pile.
(But read my books!)

October 28, 2011
Whee, I am back!  All is well, I find my soapbox undisturbed and waiting. Tomorrow, I will visit OCCUPY JONESBORO.

October 26, 2011
I have been banished, punished and wiped out on my home computer.  When I try FB with this LT computer, I may be done there too.  HELP!

October 24, 2011
What a beautiful day! Our troops in Iraq will be home by Christmas!
President Obama has finally exercised his Executive Power on underwater mortagages.  I hope he will do some more!  End war in Afghanistan, and liberalize student loan repayment interest!