JULY 14, 2012

I've grown quite old, you must agree,
my Golden Age has came to be
with handicaps that bother me,
like needing teeth for me to chew
but I'd still love to nibble you.

My mirrors all have wrinkled glass,
my image lost its muscled mass,
which wound up fat around my ass.
... No longer handsome, that is true
that's why I choose to romance you.

I rise to pee five times each night
need glasses now for any sight,
my thinning hair is all snow white.
I still work out just so I do
stay spry enough to dance with you.

The passing years went by so fast,
but I still sense those moments past,
when in my prime, I sure could last,
but now I just hold hands with you,
that's all I'm young enough to do!

JANUARY 2, 2012
If you elect me President
I'll change all laws offending you.
When I am white house resident,
there is no deed I cannot do.

People who hate to stand in line,
to purchase food or quench their thirst,
will cheer my skills when I design,
bread lines where all of you are first.

Credit card debt, I will outlaw,
what people consume, should be free.
Everyone will become your friend,
I will shmooze each harsh enemy.

I will decree the sun must glow
for twenty-four hours each day.
Who needs the rain or ice and snow
or jobs to shovel it away.

I will import a worker class
for nasty jobs that we won't do..
Corporations then will pass
their labor savings on to you.

To have this Eden, vote for me,
and I'll create my perfect state,
cutting your tax, my legacy,
for those that I appreciate.

December 15, 2010

I loved winter's first snow, when I was young
and I would run, mouth opened wide, to try
and catch elusive icy feathers on my tongue
to taste those first ice kisses from November sky.

I felt so cheated when the million flakes I missed
would vanish as soon as they touched the ground
but withered grass and forsaken leaves they kissed
were soon blanketed beneath a snowy mound

Come morning when all was white and snowfall done
they covered well, the dead and sleeping plants.
I would watch the sunbeams from the red faced sun
bounce off the crystal coverlet, in sparkling dance.

Now old, I dread winter's first inaugural snow,
while watching through insulated window pane,
shivering as I see the crystal icicles grow,
forming an impartial hour-glass of Winter's reign

When new winter blusters out where widows weep
over hidden plots where new sod lies browned,
will I too be resting beneath that frosted heap,
when soft snow flakes whiten the hallowed ground.

January 28, 2010

Winters, they pass with four month naps,
(Bears don't have snowshoes, perhaps.)
I know they don't have winter clothes,
all Bears are bare, each reader knows.

December 28 Inspired by my Christmas truffles....

I shall never die of cancer.
Dark Chocolate will finish me,
This self-destruction answer,
won't leave me deep in poverty.
I'll gladly let my waistline bulge,
and not restock my self drug shelf.
With Hershey poisons I'll indulge
and with kisses, embalm myself.

December 18

A banquet is no feast if potatoes it lacks.
All kind of meats can enhance and spice plain rice
or flavor up dull pastas. Buttered pancake stacks
syruped well, with ham and eggs are always nice.
but meals without potatoes are really just snacks.

December 4

Of all the animals I have known,
hunted and trapped, or loved and bought,
and those I fed, then ate when grown,
this one lesson they have all taught
the ones you cage, you'll never own.

November 27

Perfection looms in God's design,
yet I question the porcupine.
Fierce mosquitoes we sure don't need,
and hungry fleas are tough to feed.
I don't expect He'd plan for junk,
but then I wonder why the skunk.
Maybe God makes some boo boos too,
so he's patient with me and you.

November  22

Folks who like good water agree;
to escape the slime, up river you climb,
but still downstream of something's pee!

November  17, 2009

Cradle to grave our courses run,
from day of birth our aging starts
but this is when our youth departs,
when "I will" turns to "should have done"!

November 12, 2009

Each one can learn to succeed
and have their future glisten.
To be successful, this rule heed:
Talk much less and learn to listen.