I was a good printer named Roy,
who ran a newspaper printing press.
My long hair, was my pride and joy,
I should have covered, I confess.
Starting the press, where I'm employed,
the rollers caught hold of one tress
left me and my hairdo destroyed,
in a blackened and bloody mess.

ANNOUNCER: Vanity is a common trait, but can be deadly if it leads to disregard of safety rules. Poor Roy, loved his long hair, he should have braided and or covered with a hairnet. Roy was fatally compressed at the daily gazette when his hair stuck between two ink rollers on a high speed printing press that skidded to a stop too late to save this careless pressman. Roy had a very bad hair day


Bill lays here because he forgot,
to clear gas fumes before departing.
With gas powered boats, both small or yacht,
you must run blowers before starting.
Safety pays while shortcuts do not!
Bill's safety gaff, and fatal mistake,
turned out to be the last he would make.

ANNOUNCER: Safety rules are important safeguards against disaster. Bypassing those established rules can cost you money , health or, even your life. Explosive fuel fumes can lurk seemingly undetectable in the engine compartment, posing a fire or explosion potentiality when starting. It only takes seconds to air the area before engaging the starter, and that is time, well spent .

Winter driving can test your luck.
This gambler lost, passing a truck
which obstructed his view
of snow plowing crew
and left him just no place to duck.

ANNOUNCER: The safety dictum, never pass with obstructed view is so elemental that we would expect no violations. Living where there is no snow, might prevent this catastrophe, but people are often needlessly killed , by some impatient gambler passing a slower vehicle when there is not visible clearance. We may mourn the gambler, but we doubly miss the innocent victims in the oncoming vehicle. It happens much too frequently. Never pass where you can't see safe passing room!

I was a model fair and svelte,
I'd not eat meat you had to kill
nor wear leather or a fur pelt.
I cared for creatures in my will
but I knew not how dying felt,
or safety rules that is until,
I did not wear my safety belt!

ANNOUNCER: One easy to follow safety rule that is so overwhelmingly proven by statistics is that fastening seat belts saves lives. People ignore this easy life saver from impatience or laziness. We, who respect life, should always buckle up!


I newly have a sense of smell,
since I quit smoking cigarettes.
A smoker's kiss just tastes like hell,
I skip that smooch with no regrets,

With health improved, I put on weight
the weight I was destined to be!
With taste returned I really ate,
and now old clothes won't fit on me.

But sadly now, I will grow old
 stick around as good friends die.
They should have quit, I boldly scold,
was boring life, their alibi?"

My smoking made companions choke,
insisted on my right to smoke.
Friends begged me to quit
I heard none of it,
buried here, my habit's broke!


I died in a fire that started
while my amphetamines cooked
My spirit is sadly departed,
leaving my ash here, where you looked,
and all my friends broken hearted,
except those who in jail are booked. 

ANNOUNCER: I doubt any drug has mushroomed into society faster than amphetamines. The easy availability of the raw materials and easy manufacture tempts victims and marketers to involve themselves in criminal and deadly actions. Speed or crank usage destroys health and is addictive, eventually damaging all users.


Buried below is a hunter named Brad
who chased a cub right into it's lair,
proving him to be a brave little lad,
unaware the cub's mother slept there.
Hearing the noise she woke up quite mad
and Brad became victim of his dumb dare
since mother bears treat callers so bad
that half of Brad is still in that bear.

ANNOUNCER: Ignoring danger is a major cause of death, and often that risk is so obvious, a mourner cannot fathom why the danger was ignored. Who would mess with a mother bear? Tourists going through Yellowstone or Glacier park carelessly do each vacation day..

Elaine came to town, out of the hills.
Grew quickly bored and searched for thrills
from poisons sniffed through dollar bills
and soon learned that an overdose kills.
Elaine's death, this fact confirms
a disease that kills, despite no germs,
now she lies here, feeding earthworms,
this addiction has deadly terms.
Elaine lies in this grave freshly dug,
sad victim of this deadly drug!

ANNOUNCER: I doubt any drug is more insidiously addictive or health destructive!  There are so many paths to unrealities, so many keys.  Escapism comes in many forms, other than chemical, and imagination is key to other states of being, that is neither costly, illegal or health compromising. 

A windstorm killed Mrs. Heller,
although they blew the town's alarm.
Take cover, they tried to tell her
as the wind took all of her farm,
but did not touch her storm cellar,
she should've been there, safe from harm.

ANNOUNCER  Who would invest in a storm cellar, and refuse to use it whenever a windstorm was forecast?  Mrs Heller, and others.  Would you?

When radiators are emptied,
sad catastrophes could ensue
unless there in a safe dump site.
Animals with their sweet tooth need,
could chance upon that deadly brew
and slump into eternal night.


Dad said don't try strange chemistries.
but Jean ignored her father's pleas.
One night in his shop,
while searching for pop,
she sipped from his sweet antifreeze.

ANNOUNCER: The reason anti-freeze glycols are so deadly, is because they are tasty and enticing. Careless disposal of anti-freeze has caused the death of many wild animals and pets, and even some pet owners.

Eating foods was my fatal fetish,
by appetite, I was accursed,
I did not have a favored dish,
but my taste for sweets was worst.
Each time I ate, much more I'd wish,
a quart of beer bare slowed my thirst.
I am laid here, for your anguish
from stuffing myself until I burst!

ANNOUNCER: Cutting expenses on safety equipment can be costly! What manner of safety equipment would prevent over-eating? As I cruise my neighborhood, I see many who cannot answer that question.

I kept my last tires on my car
for eighty thousand miles, I guessed,
anything less, I thought, sub par.
At cheap, not careful, I was the best,
for saving money, I ‘m a star.
My records lasts, I'm laid to rest,
for pushing that record too far!

ANNOUNCER: The first responsibility of a car driver is to know that the vehicle he is driving is in safe driving condition.

Bob took a dare from his playmates
between stopped freight cars, he darted.
when stopped trains caused them long waits.
Halfway through one train restarted,
now he's waiting at the Pearly Gates
while his friends are left broken hearted.

ANNOUNCER: Penny-wise and pound foolish, pundits say of economic issues but that fuzzy logic should never refer to human life. Yet, people do foolish things when their very life is the consequence.

Learn from the headstone you've viewed,
why my death was foolish and wacko.
I did myself in with something I chewed,
my dumb suicide from chewing tobacco,
This is a bad habit so foul and crude
they bury we victims with a backhoe.

ANNOUNCER: This promising young baseball player died much too young, a victim of nicotine, and of following the example of his baseball idol. Chewing tobacco does not taste good and is addictive and a proven cause of mouth and esophageal cancers! Tobacco chewers have to spit often and leave a careless and messy trail of foul waste wherever they indulge. Those who kiss a tobacco chewer can tell you about the taste and smell. What a deadly and foolish waste of money!

A reckless boater named Clyde
made one too many phone calls,
cell phoning friends while on his ride,
ignoring the river's dangerous falls.
His phone went dead and they both died
in a call ending that really appalls.

ANNOUNCER: If he had kept his cell phone dry, we would still be getting calls from poor Clyde. Multitasking in hazardous places is so foolish, yet we constantly see people calling or texting while driving.

While Jim bathed near his boom box,
he replenished his music file
ignoring risk of electric shocks.
His box fell in, when he turned dial
browsing for his favorite disc jocks,
and he expired in flashy style

ANNOUNCER: The first

Death is something we all should fear,
and careless sex left my body here.
I chased the girls and caught a few,
and charmed them with my lusty leer.
I only did what some boys do,
yet caught an AID's souvenir.
The lesson is plain, for me and you,
use condoms when strangers you screw!