Praise the paleontologists,
learned men who unerringly create
a skeleton which each insists
is realness we can not debate.
Passed dinosaurs have lost their meat,
leaving lots of fossilized bone.
Do guesses make them complete,
no skeleton gaps left unknown?
Does imagination help them know
the entity they would restore
and where each piece of bone should go
to shape their ancient dinosaur.

When monkeys stare at us and blink
do they know we're their missing link,
or do we just suspect they think?
Do we look strange without a tail?
Did evolution somehow fail,
putting short tails on just the male?

Isaac Newton watched an apple fall
and then decided gravity was law
which indicates to me a fatal flaw,
since that don't explain gravity at all.
Each hollow molecule's concavity
has vacuum that sucks on the next,
and this huge suction simply collects
and that's how we get gravity.

This trogodyke has lost its meat,
and there is lots of missing bones,
but that skeleton is now complete
with the gaps filled out with loans.

Imagination sure helped them guess
what those missing bones looked like,
and each new bone's exact address
to construct a new trogodyke.