ANCESTORY are we related?


BLACK FAMILY TREE, descendants of Benjamin F. Black, born May 14, 1823 in Lexington KY. Married Louisa Mathis March 11, 1849. Died and buried in South English, IA 1893.

BOSACKER FAMILY TREE, Bossecker, Bosecker ancesters and descendants of Johann Christian Bosecker born May 13 1833, Veilsdorf Germany, Died Jan 6, 1912 wife Otelia Treybig..includes Black, Colton, Heilman, Scarborough,

COLTON FAMILY TREE, descendants of George Colton, born 1626 Coldfield England, died 12/17/1699 Springfield Mass

SCARBOROUGH FAMILY TREE, descendants of Dr. Dallas Scarborough born July 31, 1844 in Bucks County, PA. Married Kate Thrasher Neidy July 30, 1871.

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