The author, Gerald Bosacker, is a prolific poet and twisted tale teller who remains grossly undiscovered by trade book readers but is profusely displayed on internet literary sites. Gerald Bosacker's wry but light-hearted style of rhymed poetry disguises his self nominated role of iconoclastic critic submerged in his writing. Savor his writing but don't ignore the messages, plainly stated and always based on fact. It is proper to snicker at ironic  contradictions so common in human endeavors. Laugh at what you can't change, and eventually, it will.
    Gerald Bosacker grew up in Albert Lea Minnesota, the son of Clarence and Clarice Bosacker, and lived on a small primitive farm in nearby Alden township where he attended Alden High School, until his father returned from his South Pacific navy duty during world war II. Upon discharge, Clarence moved his wife and two sons, Jerry and Chuck, to a newly purchased dairy farm on nearby Lake Geneva in March of 1947. 
    Bosacker attended and graduated from Albert Lea High School, but was a frequent disappointment to his family and friends, with his minimal application of more than adequate intelligence, but deficient common sense. A career in the Air force fizzled, but he did garner an Associate of Arts degree from USAFI, that qualified him for a succession of dead end jobs and trouble with police.  His life focused when he became an apprentice  printer, with Earl Solma's Rapid Printing. Solma's guidance along with counseling of his uncle, Police Chief Charlie Heilman turned Gerald into a good citizen. 
      In 1954, Gerald met and married Jacky Colton from Fairmont Minnesota and family became his motivating force, enabling Bosacker to broaden his intellect with night school at the University of Minnesota, while he progressed as a graphic arts salesman, developing skills as a manager of sales for various allied businesses, to eventually become Senior Vice President of Sales for a billion dollar international manufacturer  of printing materials. 
    Propelled by polluter's guilt and disdain for the political machinations of corporate politices, Bosacker retired in 1990, becoming an international spokesman and consultant for the giant Dutch/English corporation, Unilever.  For three years, while pollution abatement was fashionable and profitable, Gerald travelled through Europe and North America, spreading ecological gospel by speaking to larger printers and printing associations about the need for change, and resultant downstream damage of chemical wastes. 
    When richly funded lobbying groups reached politicians, strict pollution abatement laws were emasculated with amendments and moderations.  The need for skilled and experienced ecology partisans vanished.  Without a pulpit, Gerald took to writing and found poetry his most effective tool of moralism and environmental concerns.

Gerald Bosacker, like any posterity focused and realism oriented writer born in 1930, keeps several obituaries on tap, and shares his current favorite:

DON'T WEEP FOR ME!                                                                                      

Don't weep for me, my grieving friends
            for I have lived, and now am free
            to go back home, as fate intends.
I don't go poor, to fearsome site
            since memories, will comfort me
            in pleasant sleep, through endless night.
Don't think me lost, for I am found
            and will in peace, triumphant bask
            for I knew where my soul was bound.
The tax for Life, I would defray
            by facing brave each destined task
            to glory on this hallowed day.
Don't harsh resent untimely call,
            or brand my death as tragedy.
My life's been full, I've treasured all
            my host of friends, each battle won
            and precious love of family.
These gifts I will prize when life is done.

When all is said and done, your race through life, you've run, count not the many prizes won, the web of gold that you have spun, is family....G Bosacker

Gerald Bosacker's reasons for being.  This section is almost three years old, but my humility bound family has not aided me in updating.  Their progression is phenomenal!!  Let us encourage them to update. 

Gerald does have a philosopy about his life's purpose, and this last interview seems to cover it well...What does Bosacker believe: