Some salesmen think the lies they tell
are fooling the attentive  buyer
but all the folks he does not sell
are just too polite to call him liar.
                       I AM KING OF SWAT
                  I do not kill instinctively,
                  and never once, maliciously.
               Mosquitoes who choose to sample me,
             I quickly squish with hand clap glee.

                 Taking joy from sadistic swat,
                denies compassion which I've got
                 but manage to suppress a lot
                  while sleeping naked when it's hot!              
              Fierce  Mosquitos who try to drain
              that wine of life from my blood vein
            should heed this rhyme and wise refrain
              from picking me for their champagne
A banquet is no feast  if  potatoes it lacks.
All kind of meats can enhance and spice plain rice
or  flavor up most pastas.  Buttered pancake stacks
syruped well with ham and eggs are always nice.
but meals without potatoes are really just snacks.
             †Bob flunked the course on gun safety.
                Leaned his rifle against a tree
          Now he's buried here, not missed by the deer
                he set out to hunt so carelessly

                MOMMY LOVES ME and tells me so
             but when I‘m bad, she's sure to know,
             and loves me still, though I was bad,
              although I'm sure it makes her sad.
                My Mommy tells me I should try
                to simply laugh instead of cry,
              that's sort of hard when I am hurt,
               or want more helpings of dessert.
               Daddy loves me and shows me this,
            with giant bear hugs sealed with a kiss.
               I feel so safe, when he is there,
              and watch the love my parents share.
               And even though he makes me mind,
                when I am grown, I hope I find,
            someone like him, both sure and strong,
              who can forgive, if I've done wrong.
Unsought advice from anyone
can keep you from sleeping at night.
It always starts, "You should have done,"
and stings the most if they are right.
              Swimming is great but not alone,
              but Hector did, that much is known.
            No one could miss him on his solo swim,
              that's why his name adorns this stone!

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